What are the various treatments offered by the clinic?

Dr. Sahil Sardana is an experienced dermatologist and excels in his field. He has treated several patients over the years and as a leading and qualified doctor Best skin Specialist in Hisar, there are a wide range of treatments he offers. These treatments help one regain the lost confidence. Following are some of the treatments:

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hisar

Hair Transplant

Losing hair is a very low time for anyone who is facing this problem. With hair loss comes depravation in one’s confidence and self esteem. Studies have also shown that in some cases a person may go…

Laser Hair Reduction

Painless and virtually with no side-effects, Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) is one of the most commonly used techniques nowadays, for getting rid of unwanted hair. LHR can be effectively used to ..

GFC for Hairloss

Hair Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) and Mesotherapy are the three most widely recommended treatments by Dr. Sahil Sardana. Now regain lost confidence with hair..

Laser Tonning

Dull skin, dry skin, lack of lustre, dehydrated skin, open pores, bothering you? Or do you just want to boost your skin radiance? Laser Tonning could be your best bet…

Dr. Sahil Sardana


“Aesthetic Dermatology is like adding salt to your favourite dish while cooking. The recipe has its own unique flavour & taste which is important, just like everyone is beautiful in his/her own right. Aesthetic Dermatology should be used only as much needed and only to enhance the beauty that already exists. A good dermatologist, like a seasoned cook, knows exactly how much salt to add.”

– Dr. Sahil Sardana

We strongly believe that a patient coming to us, should be given the right guidance as per the problem being faced by him/her and that’s the exact recipe for a happy, satisfied and content patient.

I Dr. Sahil Sardana (MD) offer the entire spectrum of skin & hair treatments ranging from general skin & hair conditions to advanced aesthetic procedures using various lasers and anti-aging treatments.


Discover the wonders of our antiaging treatment helping you build your perfect Skin, Face, Hair and Foot Care Routine.

Hair Transplant

Laser Hair Reduction

GFC for Hair Growth

Laser Tonning


Skin Brightening

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