Broadly, these treatments involve injecting growth factors, peptides, vitamins, proteins and other essential nutrients into the scalp, for reducing hair loss and further boosting hair growth.


We are providing Hair Treatment in Hisar. GFC- Our advanced Growth Factor Concentrate treatment, has shown impressive results for stopping hair fall as well as growth of new hair follicles. The results are noticeable right after the first session of GFC, and the result after the prescribed 5-6 sessions are phenomenal and are also long lasting, as compared to other methods. GFC helps in reducing hair fall, rejuvenating hair follicles, improving hair thickness. It not only strengthens hair shaft, but also increases hair volume and stimulates hair regrowth.

We take pride in GFC’s being so effective as a standalone therapy, that we do not prescribe minoxidil to any of our patients. It is commonly observed that dermatologists prescribe minoxidil as a part of treatments Mesotherapy, laser light therapy etc. It is well known fact that minoxidil results in initial increase in hair loss (for about 2-3 months) followed by hair growth due to vasodilation (increased blood flow to hair follicles). It takes about a year of regular use to get appreciable results. Another challenge is that the strength of the minoxidil medication needs to be increased after a certain duration of time as its efficacy reduces with prolonged usage. And beyond a certain point, increasing the strength of minoxidil has shown patients complaining of persistent headache, hypertension etc. Itching and growth of unwanted facial and body hair are some other common side-effects of using minoxidil.

GFC involves use of pure, highly concentrated Growth Factor preparation, which is absolutely safe. It is engineered from patient’s own blood for superior results in hair loss treatment. Platelet present in human blood contain alpha- beta granules, which further liberates hair Growth Factors such as PDGF, IGF-1, VEGF, EGF.


  • Collection of patient’s blood (about 20 ml) in specialised GFC tubes
  • Activation of Platelets and release of Growth Factors using centrifuge process
  • Segregating Growth Factors from platelets.
  • Collection of GFC (about 8-10 ml)
  • Injecting GFC in to scalp.